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Cheap Date ideas for military spouses
Military Life / Military Spouse

Military Marriage: Cheap Date Ideas – Fill Your Love Tank and Your Piggy Bank

If your military family is like ours, you are trying to make smart financial decisions and are watching your spending. When you are watching pennies it can be difficult to calculate date nights into the equation. While you work on stuffing your piggy bank, it’s also important to fill your love tank by spending quality…

deployment doll for military kid
Deployment / Military Life / Resources

Custom Parent Doll by Hearts and Heroes – Perfect for Comforting Your Military Kid

Military kids have service member parents who are frequently away from home. Training, work-ups, and deployments that take mom or dad away from home are some of the common stressors on military kids. Having tools in place, like a deployment parent doll that looks mom or dad is a great way to help comfort a…