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2021 Military Pay Dates and Early Pay USAA & NFCU

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When is the Next Military Pay Date?

While active duty military pay dates are the 1st and the 15th of each month, when the 1st or 15th falls on a weekend, the pay date shifts slightly as you will see in 2021 Active Duty Military Pay Dates chart below.

One of the perks of using a bank like USAA or Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) is the ability to have your pay check funds available early. Typically the early pay date is one business day before the regular pay day, but when the regular pay day falls on a Monday, NFCU members receive their early pay on Saturday and USAA members receive their early pay the Friday before.

2021 Active Duty Military Pay Dates

Pay DateUSAA Early Pay DateNFCU Early Pay Date+
Fri, Jan 15Thu, Jan 14Thu, Jan 14
Mon, Feb 1Fri, Jan 29Fri, Jan 29
Fri, Feb 12Thu, Feb 11Thu, Feb 11
Mon, Mar 1Fri, Feb 26Fri, Feb 26
Mon, Mar 15Fri, Mar 12*Fri, Mar 12*
Thu, Apr 1Wed, Mar 31Wed, Mar 31
Thu, Apr 15Wed, Apr 14Wed, Apr 14
Fri, Apr 30Thu, Apr 29Thu, Apr 29
Fri, May 14Thu, May 13Thu, May 13
Tue, Jun 1Fri, May 28Sat, May 29
Tue, Jun 15Mon, Jun 14Sat, Jun 12*
Thu, Jul 1Wed, Jun 30Wed, Jun 30
Thu, Jul 15Wed, July 14Wed, July 14
Fri, Jul 30Thu, Jul 29Thu, Jul 29
Fri, Aug 13Thu, Aug 12*Thu, Aug 12*
Wed, Sep 1Tue, Aug 31Tue, Aug 31
Wed, Sep 15Tue, Sep 14Tue, Sep 14
Fri, Oct 1Thu, Sep 30Thu, Sep 30
Fri, Oct 15Thu, Oct 14Thu, Oct 14
Mon, Nov 1Fri, Oct 29Fri, Oct 29
Mon, Nov 15Fri, Nov 12*Fri, Nov 12*
Wed, Dec 1Tue, Nov 30Tue, Nov 30
Wed, Dec 15Tue, Dec 14Tue, Dec 14
Thu, Dec 30Wed, Dec 29Wed, Dec 29

* Denotes longer pay periods

+ Dates are currently anticipated for NFCU early pay as of December 2020. The list will be updated as Navy Federal Credit Union confirms the dates for 2021.

Where do the longer pay periods fall for this year?

Since holidays and weekends shift the military pay dates some throughout the 2021 year, there are always a few pay periods that are longer than others. When you add early pay into the equation, it can make some of these pay periods even longer.

  • March 12 – 31 (USAA & NFCU) is a pay period of 19 days.
  • June 12 – June 30 (NFCU) is a pay period of 18 days.
  • August 12 – August 31 (USAA & NFCU) is a pay period of 18 days.
  • November 12 – November 30 (USAA & NFCU) is a pay period of 18 days.

This is important information for military families to take note. If you plan and budget for 15-16 day pay periods you may need to make a different plan for the months that have longer pay periods.

Pay special attention to the longer pay periods at the end of the year. For USAA & NFCU members you will have a longer time between pay checks in the second half of November. Plan ahead on your holiday budgeting so you aren’t surprised by this 18 day pay period! Remember to budget accordingly for Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping.

The other longer pay periods in the 2021 year will fall around spring break, summer vacations and back to school shopping.

Don’t be surprised by these 18-19 day pay periods this year!

You are aware that it will be longer between pay checks on these dates, but what can you do? A good idea is plan to save on the shorter pay periods.

Many make the mistake of thinking that because a pay period was only 12-14 days long that they have extra money. Instead, set the extra aside for these longer gaps in pay.

Speak with a friendly associate at USAA or Navy Federal about opening a savings account and how you can save in the shorter gaps to be prepared for these longer pay periods.

If you aren’t currently a member of Navy Federal Credit Union or USAA, you may be missing out on benefits like early pay. Check out the benefits of membership today!

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2021 Active Duty Military Pay Dates

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