Making A Difference In Your Child’s Classroom With Encouragement Pencils

pencils with encouragement notes

I recently saw a post on @herviewfromhome about a teacher asking students to pull out pencils from their desk to share with the class. One student took pencils out of his desk but asked if he could keep them before deciding to share them with the class. Later the teacher discovered that his mom had written notes of encouragement on his pencils.

As I read through the story I was like, “That’s so sweet!”, clicked “like” and then kept scrolling.

But the story lingered in my mind. The potential impact of those pencils on the other students could make a huge difference.

Then I had a thought:

In a world where we are seeing a drastic increase in suicide rates for kids, could the simple act of encouraging notes speak to the heart of a child who needs it most? As adults we like reminders that someone sees our worth – kids most definitely need this too.

What if my kids’ classes were intentionally stocked full of pencils with notes of encouragement on them?

I knew I could make it happen.

I picked up boxes of pencils and started writing encouraging notes:

  • You are awesome.
  • You are so talented.
  • You can do hard things.
  • You are creative.
  • Never give up.
  • You can do this.
  • You are intelligent.
  • You are a problem solver.
  • You have a brilliant mind.
  • Follow your dreams.
  • You will change the world.
  • You are smart.
  • You are important.
  • You are valuable.
  • You are loved.

I don’t know all of the kids who will be in class with my kids this year, but I know each one will be able to pull a note of encouragement from the classroom supply of pencils and hopefully it will speak life into their day.

✏️ ✏️ ✏️

Note: Having been a teacher previously myself I know these will last only a week or so in a class of 30 kids, but I’ve included a note to each of their teachers that if they need more done, feel free to send them to me. Sure some kids may ignore the writing, but if it can bring a smile to even one child who needs it on a hard day, it was worth the effort and my time. Plus, it gives me a way to support their teacher and help the class even when I can’t volunteer at school because I’m juggling a toddler at home!

If this article or the story written by Amanda Rand and shared by Her View From Home inspired you to action, let us know! We’d love to know that there’s a force of encouragement for kids in classes this year!

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