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“I should write a book about that!” This was the thought I had on one of our many road trips last summer. I don’t know about you but I do my best thinking in the car! This thought was triggered by the idea that a move was on the horizon for our family. It wasn’t our first move, but I was struggling with the idea of having to go through it again.

At this time, I wasn’t a writer by any means, I mean I wrote books when I was a kid and have always thought about turning my kiddos’ imaginative stories into a book one day. I tucked my thought of writing the book away as we spent a few weeks contemplating the move, going through pros and cons of every aspect. In the end, we decided to delay the move as it just wasn’t the right time. I felt relieved because the stress of that, for the time being, had gone away.

I put the girls to bed one night and I remember the thought of writing this story came into my head again, I went and got a notebook and a pen and started writing away. It was like that itch in my brain that needed to be scratched, I just needed to get these words out on paper! I read it over and over again and loved how it all came together.

I have written a story, but what do I do now?

So now I tucked the notebook away because I had no idea what to do next. This is when a chain of events happened that really got the ball rolling. An acquaintance of mine had posted on social media that she had written a book! I was so excited for her and at the same time thought it was a crazy coincidence that I had been thinking of doing the same and even had my story tucked away in a notebook. I had just got done reading, The Alchemist, if you haven’t read it, go grab yourself a copy! The main take away I got from it was don’t ignore the signs, the signs that can come in all different forms, if it pulls your heart and mind in a certain direction, allow yourself to follow it. I took this social media post from this person as my sign.

I reached out to her and she gave me all of the information she had on self-publishing and the process in which she took. It was a wealth of knowledge that I knew nothing about. I took her experiences and started doing my own research and the book just started falling into place. It was literally this ball that just started rolling and it couldn’t be stopped. Before I knew it, I had a book in my hands. It was a ton of work and there were a lot of hours that went into it but it was so exciting!


Doing something creative is important for a mom!

I was a stay-at-home mom and had just left my career about 8 months prior. So, I was soaking up the ability to be home with my kids and enjoying the decrease stress of having to work outside of our home. I wasn’t looking to make work for myself or begin a new career or anything like that. But you know what, I realize now that I did really just need something for myself.

Being a mom is so incredibly fulfilling for me but I think the piece that I have always been missing is that part of doing something for me just because I wanted to. This process was slightly therapeutic for me. I was able to translate some feelings I had into real words that not only my daughters could read but other parents and kids as well.

I was able to learn new things and have a creative outlet that I didn’t know I needed. The best part you guys, having my girls watch the whole thing unfold. They were so excited about the book and started asking me about the process and when the next one would come. I loved having them see me work towards something that I created on my own.

Great Big Move book with Meghan Geary's daughters

But where do I begin?

I literally went from knowing nothing about this process to now working on my third creation and have been able to help four other women who were just like me. They came up to me and said, “I’ve had this idea of a book but didn’t know how to do it!” Talk about the most amazing feeling ever! Now I was able to pay it forward and share everything I have learned with these women who now have a book published or are in the middle of working on it! You just never know when one of your actions or words can be someone else’s “sign”.

I know in the midst of motherhood sometimes thinking of yourself is a very hard thing to do. But I would like to tell you that if you have something in your head, a thought, an idea, anything that continues to show up and pull at you but you don’t know where to start . . . start it!

It could be as small as writing it down so that the thought is out of your head.

That’s one step closer!

Just go for it!

The littlest, tiniest step could be the one thing that catapults you into something bigger. This has been the most amazing thing for me and I am so excited to see where it goes. I want my kids to see that no matter your age or certain stage of life you are in, you can still start something new and work towards new goals.

And guess what? That move that we delayed and had me kind of stressed and overwhelmed, and made me even think of writing the book-well now it’s happening. The strangest thing is that I am much more comfortable with it and ready for it. I really think writing this book to help my kids, actually helped me a little more! It’s kind of amazing how one thing can lead to another in the most unexpected ways!


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Meghan is a mom to two girls, Karsyn (8) and Hartlyn (6) and has been married for 13 years.  They are a former military family and are now embracing life on the civilian side! Her girls are her true inspiration for everything she writes and creates – from their adventures and imaginative play to the messages she tries to convey to them on a daily basis. Writing has been an amazing outlet for Meghan and she really hopes to help families have fun stories to read while creating a positive outlook and a mindset to make the best out of everything! Writing has been an amazing outlet for Meghan and she really hopes to help families have fun stories to read while creating a positive outlook and a mindset to make the best out of everything!

Visit to learn more about Meghan and get info about her upcoming books! Connect with Meghan on Facebook at Meghan Marie Geary-Author or on Instagram @meghan.m.geary 

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