Great Thanksgiving Books for Elementary Kids

Thanksgiving books for kids

Thanksgiving is a holiday that has really lost anticipation – especially for kids. We seemingly go directly from the costume and candy hype of halloween to decking the halls for Christmas, with only menu planning for Thanksgiving inconveniently in the middle. It is no wonder that kids don’t seem too excited for Thanksgiving! Luckily, there are so many Thanksgiving books for elementary kids that we can fill November with stories that help prepare their hearts and minds with history and gratitude. 

Most American children will likely have learned about the first Thanksgiving with the Native Americans and Pilgrims by the time they enter elementary school. Instilling lessons about what the holiday represents and how we can all be more giving and have more gratitude for the things and people we already have in our lives is a great way to use books. 

These Thanksgiving books for elementary kids will not only provide a little history but a lot of reflection on giving and gratitude as well!

Books about Gratitude

Gratitude is My Superpower: A children’s book about Giving Thanks and Practicing Positivity. Grade level PreK – 3

Those Shoes. Grade level K – 2

Mateo Finds His Wow: A Story of Wonder and Gratitude. Grade Levels 1-5.

Thankful. Grade levels K – 2.

Grateful Ninja. Grade Levels K-4.

Thanks for Thanksgiving. Grade level Prek-3.

Bear Says Thanks. Grade levels PreK-1.

I Am Thankful. Grade Level PreK – 1.

The Gifts You Cannot Buy. Grade Levels K-3.

Books about the History of the Thanksgiving Holiday

Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Thanksgiving: With Turkey, Family, and Counting Blessings. Grade level 1-4.

The Pilgrims’ First Thanksgiving. Grade level PreK-3.

Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving. Grade level 1-2.

The Thanksgiving Story. Grade level K-3.

The Story of the Pilgrims. Grade Level Prek-2.

Favorite Character Thanksgiving Books

The Berenstain Bears: Thanksgiving All Around. Grade level Prek-3.

Pinkalicious: Thanksgiving Helper. Grade level Prek-3.

Little Critter: Just a Special Thanksgiving. Grade level Prek-3.

Pete the Cat: The First Thanksgiving. Grade level Prek-3.

Thanksgiving Books about Togetherness

Thanksgiving in the Woods. Grade level Prek-3.

Peyton Picks the Perfect Pie: A Thanksgiving Celebration. Grade level Prek-3.

The Night Before Thanksgiving. Grade level Prek-3.

Holly’s Thanksgiving Wish: A Story of Triumph and Balloons. Grade level K-2.

Humorous Turkey Books

How to Catch a Turkey. Grade level K-6.

Turkey Trouble. Grade level Prek-2.

Great Thanksgiving Books for Elementary Kids

Whether at home or at school, reading is a great way to help kids get excited for Thanksgiving this holiday season. As a parent, I’ve often found pausing to read a book about gratitude with my kids not only helps them to reflect on things in their life they can be thankful for, but it also helps me refocus on what I am grateful for and away from the stress of the holiday.

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving book you read with your kids? I’d love to hear from you! Send me a message on Facebook, Instagram, or email!

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