Bite Away Bug Bites Device Saves Summer Fun

Bite Away bug bite device

Summer is here and we are so excited for all the outdoor fun that the season brings. We love the opportunity to spend time as a family doing activities together. Kayaking on the river, biking to our favorite picnic spots and spending hours in the pool or at the beach are some of our favorites. 

Unfortunately though, summer in Florida also means we are surrounded by mosquitos and other biting insects that can put a damper on our good time. 

People in Florida often joke that the mosquito is the state bird. In the summertime this feels like a real possibility! Especially if you enjoy spending time outdoors in the cooler parts of the day. 

Nothing ruins an outdoor dining experience quite like finding yourself on the menu!

One of my boys has huge reactions to bites. The reaction starts slow but the swelling grows exponentially. He once had a mosquito bite on his ear that got so large that he looked like Will Smith in the movie Hitch! 

Ever since that incident we have learned to be vigilant about spraying for biting insects when we would be outdoors. Yet it seems like mosquitos find any spot we miss!

Finding a way to limit the reaction after a bite was a must for us.

Bite Away to the rescue! 

Bite Away is a chemical-free treatment that is suitable for expectant mothers, allergy sufferers and children ages 2+. It was created in Germany by MibeTec, a leading medical device company for local thermotherapy. 

In the short time that we’ve owned our Bite Away, we’ve already used it multiple times! 

My husband needed to use it after playing catch in the yard with the boys. One of our sons was bitten on a bike ride to the park. After spending an afternoon playing in a creek, fishing and then hiking through the woods with grandparents, we were all excited to have it on hand as no one made it out without at least one bite! 

Compact device to help with bug bite reactions

Bite Away: The convenient device to have on hand

Having Bite Away on hand is convenient and so helpful when we are enjoying time outdoors. The device is only about the size of a thermometer, so I love how easily it fits into a bag or pocket for easy access at the first sign of an insect bite. 

Since I’m pregnant this summer as well, I appreciate that Bite Away provides relief from bites without any medications. 

How does Bite Away work?

With Bite Away, treating insect bites is as simple as pressing a button. My kids asked how it worked and I, too, was interested in knowing the magic behind Bite Away. 

Bite Away’s patented safety technology utilizes concentrated heat to provide effective relief of symptomatic itching, swelling, and pain associated with insect bites and stings. The little circle ceramic tip heats up within seconds when you press the timer button. You place the ceramic tip onto the bite and the heat drives your blood flow to the bite site. To positively affect the body’s natural reaction to insect bites, Bite Away administers precisely concentrated heat to provide effective relief to the affected area after only a three or five second application.

It’s compact size and built-in clip make it convenient to carry your Bite Away device in your purse, backpack, pocket, car glove compartment for trips around town or in your carry-on bag for air travel. 

Pocket size Bite Away bug bite device

Don’t let mosquitoes and other bugs take a bite out of your family’s fun this summer!

Bite Away has been FDA cleared and is now available for purchase in the US!

You can save 25% on the purchase of your Bite Away device by using MILITARYKIDS25 at takethebiteaway.com through July 3rd, 2020.

Summer fun is waiting just outside your door. So don’t let mosquitoes and other bugs take a bite out of your family’s fun this summer – order your Bite Away device today!

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