Story Time From Space: Astronauts Read to Kids!

This week we stumbled across an article about astronauts reading storybooks from the International Space Station. Knowing how much my youngest loves all things space we had to check it out. Story Time From Space did not disappoint!

My little astronaut was hooked within moments! Just imagine astronauts floating on the space station, reading stories and conducting science experiments for the children here on Earth.  

By simply visiting the Story Time From Space website you have free access to a video library of astronauts on the International Space Station video taping themselves reading some great children’s stories. The idea of an astronaut reading directly to my kids made them feel out of this world important!

We enjoyed two of our recent books from the library being read from space. It was quite the special treat to listen Astronaut Scott Kelly reading Mousetronaut, written by his brother, Astronaut Mark Kelly. Additionally, the boys loved hearing Astronaut Kate Rubins encouraging them to be engineers through one of their favorite books Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty. There was something truly magical for the kids to hear a story read by someone they admire.

If you are looking for a program that can easily integrate into a curriculum for a wide variety of ages, look no further! Whether teaching preschoolers who love story time or upper elementary students learning about space in science class. In fact, the books about Max the Dog by Jeffrey Bennett even taught the adults in our home a few things about the different places in our solar system!

Without a doubt, Story Time From Space is definitely worth checking out with your kids or students. It may just become one of your favorite things, too!

child astronaut

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