Dear Military Spouse, What You Do Is Important

military spouse is an important job

Dear Military Spouse,

Don’t ever downgrade the importance of your role behind the scenes of keeping the home fires burning. What you do in the day to day…what can seem so mundane, is like a puzzle made of pieces of tiny little efforts that keep your family going and your spouse able to do what he is called to do.

I have been the world’s worst for grumbling about wiping butts, folding clothes, and washing dishes. I have felt the frustration of feeling like all I do is keep a house clean…and it’s still not clean. But when I erase the words “all I do” from those thoughts and realize that THOSE things play a vital role in the well being of my family, I realize the importance of the “mundane.”

The mundane is what keeps my husband clothed so he can wake up and play his part in protecting our freedoms. The mundane keeps him fed and full. The mundane keeps him happy and fulfilled so that he can better lead. The mundane is what allows our family to thrive as a unit! Each daily action that I can sometimes see as worthless or less important is truly what’s SO important to make our family work at its’ best.

Mamas, wives, military spouses…don’t diminish the importance of your role and your effort to “just keep a clean house” or “just fold all the laundry” or whatever it is that you feel you’re doing that isn’t making a difference. Your role is vital. It’s BECAUSE of those things that those who have been called to serve in different roles, can do so efficiently.

You matter, and so does what you do. ♥️

military family the little things that support your family are important

Originally posted by Grace Shepard on Instagram. Published with permission. Follow Grace for great recipes, home decor ideas, make-up tips, encouragement for military spouses, and so much more!

Military Spouse enouragement Grace Shephard

Grace Shepard, Guest Author

Grace has been a military spouse to her Marine for almost 5 years. They have two boys together; ages 2 & 3.

In her “spare time”, Grace loves to travel, go to the beach, go on walks, enjoy a good cup of coffee, and as of late, put a lot of effort and energy into their new small business on Etsy – Shepard Design & Creative Co.

Grace and her hubby enjoy running this business together where they create polymer clay earrings and handcrafted bracelets. They are always dreaming up new ideas and creations for our shop. You can see what Grace and her husband are up to by following their business on Instagram @sheparddesignco and see their new designs biweekly on their Etsy shop!  

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