18 Military Spouse Memes from Disney’s Encanto to Make You Laugh

The newest Disney animated movie, Encanto, is a hit. The animation is so well done, the story-line resonates and the music plays on loop in your head. But my favorite parts of Encanto are all the relatable memes that could so easily be made for military spouse life.

Milspouse memes from Disney’s new animated movie, Encanto

Military spouse life is full of ups and downs. You’re sure to relate to some – or all – of these Encanto military spouse memes!

encanto military spouse meme

Can I get an “Amen”? I mean, it’s like the military is listening…just waiting for you to make a plan of any kind. Then a big ‘ol change of plans comes busting through the door.

Shocked and yet not shocked, all at the same time. Every time.

This is why we can’t have nice things. I’m pretty sure our flat screen tv was that flying donkey last PCS!

military spouse meme

I’m never sure if milspouse Facebook groups are a blessing or a curse, but they never disappoint on someone bringing a new level of crazy. Its just a bit awkward when you realize you know the person in real life.

mental load of the military spouse meme encanto luisa

If you’ve seen Encanto, you probably haven’t been able to get some of the songs out of your head. Even our 16 month old is walking around singing the “no-no-no” chorus of “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”. Yet, as a mom and a military spouse, it isn’t the family’s song about Bruno that echoes in my head, but rather the incredibly strong sister Luisa’s song, Surface Pressure. 

You likely weren’t a military spouse long before you had someone telling you “I don’t know how you do it!” 

From PCSing with short notice, deployments happening while everything is falling apart, the constant in and out of your spouse during work ups, training and other long hours leaves you, the military spouse, carrying the weight at home. And that’s on top of the volunteering and job you may also be doing. 

Someone who hasn’t experienced military life looks at all you are juggling in awe. Being a military spouse, everyone expects you to be the strong one.

military housing meme encanto

Patched cracks. Not sure what is behind the walls. Sounds about right! Welcome to base housing!

military spouse tricare meme

So many of the negative “dependa” comments about military spouses claim that you wanted to get married because of Tricare. I mean have you dealt with Tricare on anything recently?

While military spouses may be thankful for the benefits available to their military family, I’ve yet to meet any milspouse who loved spending hours on the phone with Tricare trying to get answers. And I’ve never heard any spouse say their favorite past-time was jumping through all the hoops required with Tricare. So yeah, I agree with Mirabel’s face on this one.

encanto military meme

“So a funny thing happened today…” usually ends with a statement about how your life is about to do a complete change. Short-notice deployment. Unexpected PCS. A decision to re-enlist.

Big eyes and anticipation for big news coming your way anytime a spouse starts with this line!

Have you developed the military spouse eye twitch yet when someone informs you that you knew what you were getting in to when you married a service member?

new milspouse vs seasoned milspouse

How many duty stations does it take to go from new milspouse to seasoned milspouse? Couldn’t pass up this image from Encanto as the perfect new versus seasoned military spouse meme.

This gif makes me feel so seen. I think I hold off on ever unpacking the last box because I know when I do there will be an immediate shift in the universe and we will suddenly be starting the whole PCS process again.

So instead I have several unopened boxes that have multiple move stickers on them. They just trail along with us from duty station to duty station. I have no idea what is in them anymore, but I also don’t have the will to open them. It’s like the Schrödinger’s cat of household goods.

milspouse deployment meme

The stress. The loneliness. The juggling. The waiting. The way things fall apart and you are one who who has to keep it all together. Yep, I think we can all agree that deployment sucks.

we don't talk about bruno encanto military meme

You’ve likely lost count of many times have you heard or read phrases like “Loose lips sink ships”? (Ponder: Is there an Army phrase like this?) No matter what the catch phrase is for your branch of service, military families are frequently reminded the importance of OPSEC, being aware of their social media presence and keeping sensitive information safe.

This is definitely a military life specialty! It’s all just a game of hurry up and wait, isn’t it?

military holidays meme

It has been years of military life, but every holiday we go through this. Does it sound familiar to your world?

“You should come home for the holidays. Holidays are for family!” (Let the guilt trip begin.)

And while the idea of celebrating traditions, surrounded by family at your childhood home may sound warm and inviting, it is just not a possibility for most military families. Our go to response to this and similar statements has become “Sorry! No one told the military.”

crazy milspouse meme

Military life can drive even the most sane person crazy. Thank goodness there are free mental health resources!

Seriously though, if you need support, check out these 7 Counseling Options for Service Members and Their Families.

change of address milspouse meme

How many times have you stood at the gas pump trying to remember the zip code attached to the credit card you are using? Anytime a form asks for more than my current and maybe my last address, I have to start researching.

My quick, go-to method on all of my addresses (we are currently on house number 8 since we’ve been married), is to go to my Amazon account where they are all stored. Praise Jesus that Amazon always delivers!

If you know, you know…and may the odds be ever in your favor.

encanto parenting meme

Ok, this meme isn’t just a military spouse meme, but for all parents who have that child who loves to volunteer their home for all the things. Inspired by my middle child who just today invited a bus load of children to our home. Pretty sure this was my exact expression.

Which Encanto military spouse meme is your favorite?

Military spouse life is not for the faint of heart, but it does give us all something to laugh about. Which of the Encanto military spouse memes is your favorite?

Please feel free to share the laughter with your milspouse friends on social media!

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