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As a wife and mom I’m always looking for ways to save. When I first heard about Reel, I was excited to check it out because I love simple and fun ways to save that help me reach my goal of being debt-free. Reel makes it easy for you to save towards what matters to you, so you can have the satisfaction of treating yourself to what you want, on your terms & debt-free!

Reel is great for anyone who wants to save for something specific but is also paying attention to avoid the debt trap. Whether you want a FitBit or a Ferrari, not going into debt to purchase what you want is a great goal to have.  

But what types of things can you use Reel to save for?

Did you just find out you are having a baby and are panicking at the cost of all the things you will need for your little one? Reel has it covered! Start saving today for your baby registry must-haves.

Are you PCSing this summer and want to build up some savings for those inevitable unexpected expenses that happen every time you move? You can make that happen with a custom Reel! 

Maybe you are wanting to save for the wedding you’ve dreamed of after a rushed pre-deployment courthouse wedding. Use that deployment time to save with Reel. (While you’re at it, create a Reel for the honeymoon where you can invite wedding guests to chip in rather than send gifts from a typical registry!)

How Reel Works

Decide What To Save For And Simply Tell Reel What You Want

Once you create your Reel account, you can choose a product (millions of options) from hundreds of stores. If you’d rather save for a custom item – travel is one of my favorites – you can create a goal of your choice. 

Visit and use promo code “C-MILIKIDS” to start with $10 off your first Reel!

Reel savers, like myself, are saving money for pretty much anything they want. The most popular categories currently are

  • Fashion & Accessories (purses, shoes, belts, suitcases, etc)
  • Babies and Kids Essentials (strollers, car seats, cribs, toys, etc)
  • Home (furniture, mattresses, kitchenware, appliances, etc)
  • Travel (family vacations, honeymoons, weekend getaways, PCSing, etc)
  • Technology (televisions, mobile phones, smartwatches, etc)

There is also a Chrome Extension so you can save for anything you find on the web with just a push of a button!

Set Your Saving Strategy

What I love about Reel is that you set a date you’d like to reach the savings goal and it calculates how much you would need to save each day, week, or month to reach the goal by that date.Once you pick a saving strategy, you just link your bank account or debit card and your savings begin automatically at the rate and date settings you choose. 

Save Up, Then Own It (Debt-Free!)

Once you have reached 100% of the savings goal, you simply confirm your details and Reel takes care of the rest. They even placing the order and ship it directly to you! 

Additional Bonus!

Reel gives you 1% back in rewards for every dollar you save. You can use those rewards toward other items or you can turn those rewards into credit and apply them back toward the goal you are working toward to be able to reach your goal faster! 

While you are stashing money aside for your dream gift, Reel also looks for deals on the items you’re saving for!

How Did Reel Work for Me?

Joining Reel I wasn’t sure what I wanted to save for at first. While saving for my 40th birthday trip would be a great plan, I decided I didn’t want to go too big with my first Reel. So I hopped over to the “Inspiration” tab and quickly found some great ideas!

Usually my go-to would be find something for my kids, but I decided to make my first Reel a bit more fun to start the year. I landed on Lola’s Lashes Sapphire Magnetic False Lashes Set at Nordstrom for $50. These lashes were something I’d considered several times in store, but didn’t want to put them on a credit card. They were the perfect starter reel for me and will be fun! (Definitely a move in the self-care direction for me!)

I decided that my saving strategy would be to replace my morning Starbucks trip for a week with savings toward the lashes. A simple trade in my world, let me get something I wanted without adding in the interest fees of a credit card! Review

It was so easy to use Reel that I’ve started to save for another item! This time I’m just skipping Starbuck’s once a week as I save $5/week toward something from one of my son’s wishlist: the Fitbit Ace 3 Activity Tracker for Kids from Macy’s.

Let me start you off with $10 toward what you want to save for! 

I’ve teamed up with Reel to provide you a $10 credit toward whatever product you’d like to save for! 

Visit and use promo Code C-MILIKIDS

Once you find a product you’d love to have, select your saving strategy and as you connect your bank account, look for the Apply promo codelink (its right above the “Start Saving Now Button”). 

Enter the code C-MILIKIDS, then hit “Apply”. Your $10 promo credit will be applied automatically.

Some important info: The code is valid for $10 OFF on your first Reel. (So make sure the first reel you create is what you’d like to use the $10 for because you will only be able to use the code once!)  This promo code will expire on 02/28/2022, so definitely don’t put off using it!

Have more questions about how to apply coupons and promo codes in Reel? Don’t worry! They’ve got your answers covered here!

So whether you are wanting a FitBit or a Ferrari, check out today, because not going into debt to purchase what you want is a great goal to have.  

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  1. I have never heard of this tool before! What I like best is that it has a chrome extension that can be used as basically a wishlist. One of my big goals for 2023 if to really save and be mindful of what i am spending my money on. In 2024, I want to get back to traveling so thats my biggest goal. I am so looking forward to more tips.

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