Comfortable and Functional Guest Sleeping Solutions

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The struggle of the guest room has been a constant for us. Finding a guest sleeping solution that was both comfortable and functional was necessary.

While we love to have visitors, it just didn’t make sense to have a room set up that was not in use. Also moving an extra bedroom suite started to seem crazy. Especially when we PCSed to locations where extra space didn’t exist.

It was time to find another option that could integrate with our daily lives but be available when we had guests. Here are four solutions for accommodating guests we have used and loved!

Not Your Average Air Mattress

While it sounds unappealing, an air mattress was an easy solution to accommodate guests. It is space saving as it can be so easily stored when not in use.

We’ve slept on air mattresses purchased from Walmart or similar places while waiting on furniture to be delivered, and while not the most comfortable, they worked to fit the need.

Since our parents are frequently guests we knew we didn’t want the typical air mattress that is on the ground as it would be a challenge for them to get off the floor.

Functional, comfortable and easy guest sleeping on the SertaEZ bed in guest room
Serta EZ Bed is perfect for guests!

We researched some options and found the EZ Inflatable Bed. It was perfect. The queen bed size is large enough for two people and is tall enough that it is easy to get in and out of bed.

Our favorite part is you plug it in and it unpacks it self from the storage case and expands out into a bed on its own. Even better, it has a setting to be firm or soft and can maintain that setting throughout the night while plugged in by automatically adding air as needed.

We did opt to purchase a foam topper for the bed to make it feel even less air mattress-like. It just packs away in a roll in the closet next to the air mattress. A win for everyone!

Stackable Beds!

In the last PCS our kids decided to share a room and designate the other room as a playroom. While we still utilize the Serta EZ air mattress at times, we decided to look for furniture for the playroom that could double as guest accommodations.

I came across the idea of stackable twin beds at Ikea and fell in love. When stacked, the beds are a perfect place for our kids to read or watch a movie in their playroom. With the addition of some square pillows the stacked bed works like a daybed or deep sofa.

Functional and comfortable guest sleeping on the Ikea UTÅKER stackable beds
Ikea UTÅKER stackable beds set up as a sofa/day bed in our playroom

We love when cousins or the friends with kids come to visit. This stackable bed makes it easy to have two twin beds in the room for the kids to sleep on. Additionally, stackable beds also allow us to have a large bed available for guests.

All we have to do is simply unstack the beds and use the strap to connect them side-by-side. They were cleverly designed to connect without a gap between the two mattresses.

It is low to the ground, so purchasing some bed risers for just a few dollars is a great solution. All of our guests have had a great night’s sleep on this Ikea bed!  

Pull Out That Sofa Bed for Guests

One other great option for convertible furniture that is easy for guests is the pull out sofa bed.

You need a sofa in your living room, so it makes perfect sense to have your temporary guest accommodations in a place that wouldn’t be utilized over night anyway.  

I know, when you think of a sofa bed you likely imagine the worst sleep of your life. You probably think of bars uncomfortably pressing into your back all night.

Thankfully with the addition of thick foam topper you can make your sofa bed a comfortable place to rest. Simply store the foam topper in a closet when not in use! Check out our favorite 2 and 3 inch topper from Linespa on Amazon!

Functional guest sleeping using a sofa bed

Modular Sofa Rearranging for Guests

Perhaps you don’t like the idea of a pull out sofa for a guest sleeping solution, but want to put guests in the living room. Never fear! A modular sofa, like the LoveSac Sactional, may be the perfect solution.

The Love Sac Sactional is an adaptable couch that is positionable in a variety of ways – including creating the perfect place for guests to sleep. Visit the LoveSac website to see the varying layout possibilities.

While the LoveSac may be perfect for your space, it is by far the most expensive option in our list.

Savings Tip: check out the Costco special event dates in your area to find a LoveSac for cheaper! (Simply visit the Costco website, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Special Events” under the Locations & Services section)

Functional Guest and Comfortable Sleeping arrangements on the LoveSac Sactional sofa 8 Seats + 10 Sides
8 Seats + 10 Sides LoveSac Sactional – Photo from

If you like the idea of a modular sofa but aren’t ready to take the LoveSac plunge because of pricing, another adaptable option is the GRÖNLID from Ikea.

The GRÖNLID is great for families with pets or children since every piece of fabric is individual and you can wash as needed.

Guests are comfortable! What’s next?

Hopefully you now have the perfect guest sleeping solution. If you are in a rental home or base housing and need some inspiration on decorating your temporary space, check out these 10 Temporary Decorating Ideas to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home.

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