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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and stores are brimming with big heart boxes full of assorted chocolates. But the favorite Valentine’s Day treat at our home isn’t chocolate. It’s not even something you chew. The fan favorite Valentine’s treat for our kids is our Sweetheart Shirley Temple Float. 

With just a few ingredients you have a drink that literally tells your sweetheart how you feel about them!

(Although I will say the messages on the hearts are much different than when I was a kid!)

Our Valentine’s Day Drink Tradition

My husband and I celebrate around Valentine’s Day with a trip to the Waffle House because that is what we did on our first Valentine’s Day together before I caught a flight out for work. Over the years our schedules have only gotten more hectic, but we still try to squeeze in a visit to Waffle House around Valentine’s Day. 

While the hype of Valentine’s Day for romance is mostly lost on us, we do love creating fun holiday traditions for our kids. 

We started the tradition of having a special treat time for Valentine’s Day when our boys were first in preschool. I’ve made heart shaped cookies, rice krispy treats and brownies, but one year I had the idea to combine two of their favorites to make a fun drink and the Sweetheart Shirley Temple Float was born.

valentines day ice cream kids drink sweetheart conversation hearts

They now request it every year and the Sweetheart Shirley Temple Float has become the signature Valentine’s drink for kids in our home. 

How to Make a Sweetheart Shirley Temple Float

ingredients for shirley temple float valentines day drink for kids


  • Sprite/7up/lemon-lime soda
  • Cherry ice cream
  • Maraschino cherry + juice
  • Whipped cream
  • Conversation hearts 


Scoop ice cream into cup. We love to use the little 6oz Ball jars for these floats with our kids.

Add several teaspoons of the juice from the maraschino cherry jar. (I usually add 4 teaspoons for our kid sized Shirley temple floats)

Slowly fill cup with soda (be careful as it will bubble and spill!) 

Stir gently. 

Add whipped cream to top of cup.

Place conversation hearts and a cherry on top of whipped cream.

Add a fun straw and maybe a sweet note and you are set!

valentines day free printable card shirley temple float

Sweetheart Shirley Temple floats are fun at home but they are simple enough to make with a class for a Valentine’s Day celebration at school. Plus they are perfect to sip on while spending time together making a Valentine’s Day craft. 

Printable Silly Straw Valentine Cards

If you are looking for a cheap and easy Valentine to give out, this printable is for you! Simply print it out, use a hole puncher to make a hole in the top at bottom and weave a silly straw into it. 

Amazon as well as many of the big box stores sell plastic silly straws. Last year I picked up a package of 36 silly straws from Party City for $6 which covered both of my kids’ elementary school classes.

Don’t want to go that route? Get the same idea pre-made for you on Amazon!

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