The Best Cheap Paw Patrol Toys and Gifts (Under $25)

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The Best Cheap Paw Patrol Toys and Gifts Under $25 is a guest post series from Kaylee at Mama and More. She writes all about how you can tackle DIY projects and organization with a family of mess-makers. Check out her free course about how to love your home today–even if you’re drowning in Paw Patrol toys. 😉 

I know, I know.  After reading yesterday’s post about all the sets, you think I can’t POSSIBLY have more to say about Paw Patrol toys.

But here we are.

What’s crazy is that even after THIS post, I still will not have covered every single Paw Patrol toy out there!  Not even close.  The good news is that that list is the best CHEAP Paw Patrol toys, so most of the individual pups & their vehicles are under $20.  Since I already linked to so many of the individual pups in the previous posts, I’m not going to repeat any except for the originals.

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All 6 Mini Figures


Ryder’s Rescue Vehicle
Rubble’s Bulldozer
Marshall’s Firetruck
Everest’s Rescue Snowmobile
Skye’s Helicopter
Chase’s Cruiser
Rocky’s Recycling Truck
Tracker’s Jungle Cruiser

Toy Sets

Rescue Racers: Marshall, Rubble, Rocky set

Original Pups Mini Figures Set of all 6 pups

Action Pack Pup Set: 
Chase, Rocky, Zuma
Marshall, Rubble, Skye

Vehicles I Have (surprisingly) Not Mentioned Yet

Rubble’s Super Pup Crane

Chase’s Highway Patrol Cruiser

Skye’s Rocket Ship Vehicle and Figure – I’ve never seen a rocket ship episode but this is pretty cool!

Marshall’s Split Second 2-in-1 Transforming Fire Truck

Rescue Sets

I love that the show includes all these different types of animals as characters! These are so cute.

Skye and Baby Bunnies
Rubble and Sea Turtles
Chase and Marley

Mighty Pups

Charged Up Marshall’s Deluxe Vehicle
Ultimate Rescue Action Figures

Jet to the Rescue

Marshall’s Transforming Vehicle
Everest’s Transforming Vehicle
Skye’s Transforming Vehicle
Chase’s Transforming Vehicle

Dino Rescue

Marshall’s Deluxe Rev Up Vehicle
Skye’s Deluxe Rev Up Vehicle

Marshall and Dino Action Figure Set
Rubble and Dinosaur Action Figure Set
Skye and Dino Action Figure Set
Zuma and Dino Action Figure Set
Rocky and Dino Action Figure Set

Remote Control Vehicles

Marshall Remote Control Fire Truck
Chase Remote Control Police Cruiser

Mini Ultimate Rescue Vehicles

So the Ultimate Rescue episodes came out this past summer, and there are a few really big vehicles (Skye’s, Chase’s, Marshall’s.)  But the cool thing is that they also came up with a mini-version of all the pup’s ultimate vehicles, so we don’t have to deprive our children. (Ha!)

Chase’s Cruiser
Zuma’s Hovercraft
Rubble’s Bulldozer
Marshall’s Firetruck
Rocky’s Recycling Truck

Back Flip Pups

For these guys, you push on their tail and they flip. It comes with a chart so you can have two pups “compete” and see who lands on their feet the most.


Pull Back Pups

The arms and legs on these toys extend, so when you push them down, they move. It also comes with a gate for them to race to!


Miscellaneous Fun Stuff

Megaphone Mission Voice Changer

Water Rescue Pack

Command Center with Walkie Talkies – Okay, this one’s $30, but I think it’s awesome!

Pups to the Rescue Driver – This looks like a game center.  I can see this being more fun for kids slightly older than my preschool age daughter.

Pup Boogie Music Mat – Uhhhhhhhh, I’m totally buying this for my kids for Christmas.

Bowling Set

Digital Watch

Even More…

After the previous lists, this one seems so short!  But as I said before, almost all of the individual pups of all the different sets are well below $20.  Make sure you check them out here.

Well, guess what guys.  THAT’S ALL OF THE TOY POSTS!  You made it!  I made it!  We made it!

If you are tired of the toys, don’t forget to check out the list of the best non-toy gifts, like books, puzzles, and games.  I usually like to get these kind of things for gifts, anyway.  See you then!

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