Shoott Photography Review: A Great Way to Get Mom in the Photo

As a mom I often feel like there are very few photos of me with the kids. Most of the photos of our family live on my phone because I was the one behind the camera. There are plenty of selfies with the kiddos, but rarely do photos happen that include all of us. Thanks to Shoott, I found a super simple, and budget-friendly way to get back in the photos! 

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Shoott Photography Review

To be honest, I had no plans of getting professional photos done this year. I had looked at the offerings of many photographers and couldn’t justify the session fee not knowing how the photos would turn out (new baby and two boys – ages 6 and 7 – complicate life). 

I’m pretty sure I saw an ad for Shoott pop up on a Facebook when I was scrolling through my newsfeed during a middle of the night feeding shortly after our little girl was born. I had not heard of Shoott before and didn’t know anyone who had a personal experience with the process. I searched for a review of Shoott and it sounded interesting. Since it was essentially free, I figured it would be fun to try with no harm if it wasn’t a good fit.

How does Shoott work?

Shoott offers essentially a mini photo session that lasts just 30 minutes. It’s perfect for families. Just schedule your time and location online. Show up, smile, go for some ice cream (or whatever it is that you bribed your family with). Check your email in a couple days for your photo gallery. And the best part, you pay only for photos you want. 

A review from our family’s experience with Shoott

We picked a location from the options in our city that was convenient for our family, and would also help us remember our time living in Jacksonville. 

I scheduled the Shoott session just 10 days in advance. The morning of our photos I realized I hadn’t thought about outfits for the kids, so we picked up polo shirts at Target on our way to the photo shoot. (Newborn mom brain!)

We arrived at our location 10 minutes early and connected with our photographer. She was ready and we started promptly.

During our photo shoot we took pictures at six different spots at the location to provide a variety of backgrounds.

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We took pictures of just the kids, just the adults, parents with new baby, mom with kids alone, dad with kids alone, and the whole family together.

Shoott suggested bringing easy change outfits, but we opted for just one outfit.

Shoott also suggested props if desired. Our boys were so excited to take photos with one of their current favorite toys. We ended up loving these photos that will help mark the moment in time.

If you want to bring your furbabies, Shoott will also let you bring pets to your photo shoot. This seemed like a little too much work for us with a new baby and a spirited goldendoodle puppy. Maybe we will bring him next time when we take pictures at the beach!

Special offer: Click here to try Shoott today and get 10% off 5+ photos purchased from your session!

How expensive is a Shoott photography session?

My favorite part about Shoott is there isn’t a sitting fee. You pay nothing up front. If your photos are terrible (which is highly unlikely), you aren’t out anything but the 30 minutes it took for the session. 

This was a huge win for me as a mom with a newborn. When I booked the photos I wasn’t quite sure how cooperative the baby and kids would be, or that I would be comfortable with the way I felt about how I looked in post-baby photos. The idea of paying $100 plus for a sitting fee on photos that I hated made me not want to get photos at all.

Thankfully Shoot doesn’t have any upfront fees.

Why is Shoott great for military families?

1. We work on life with short notice.

I can’t guarantee what my family’s schedule will be 3 months in advance to find and book a photographer for family photos. 

2. It’s budget friendly.

You aren’t out hundreds from the start. Just want one or two photos? Awesome. Only buy the ones you love! 

3. You can capture photos of locations you are stationed to remember them. 

When you log on to the Shoott website and find photographers in your area, there will be some location options available. I knew we wanted to have photos taken in a place that would help us to remember our time stationed in Jacksonville specifically – especially since it is the birthplace of our last baby. 

Here in Jacksonville one of the landmarks we love is the “blue bridge” (which is actually named the Main Street Bridge, but I had to look it up to find that out…so blue bridge it is!) When looking at location options on Shoott, I was so excited to see the blue bridge show up in some of the downtown photos. Immediately I knew this would need to be our backdrop. 

*Fun fact my husband and I ate dinner with a view of the bridge 13 years ago before he proposed!*

We still have a few months left in this city and we plan to do another round of photos before we leave since our little girl has already grown so much, but this time we will head to one of the Shoott locations at the beach near us! 

Why is Shoott great for military spouse photographers?

If you are a photographer who wants to keep busy but still need to have a flexible schedule that works with life as a military spouse, Shoott might be a great option for you! Shoott works around your availability and then sends you as many quality clients as you can handle, all in a single convenient location. You are guaranteed a minimum of $100 per hour, plus 60% commission on photos purchased, plus tips! For more information on how you can become a Shoott photographer in your area, check out the requirements to join today!  

Give Shoott a go and share your review with us!

We had a great time at our Shoott session. It was quick and painless. (Which is important as a mom because let’s be honest – photo shoots can be brutal with kids!)

If you’re on the fence about having photos taken, I highly recommend giving Shoott a try. It was fun, affordable, easy and captured some great memories with mom included in the photo!

Special offer: Click here to try Shoott today and get 10% off 5+ photos purchased from your session!

Kids sitting on steps during family photo shoott

If you try Shoott, I’d love to hear your review on how it went! Shoot me a message on Facebook or Instagram

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