Raising Kind Kids

kindness matters

It is almost shocking how quickly my school pickup parent questioning jumped to “What did you learn at school today?” It was as if it was a preprogrammed question in my mom brain.

Every parent wants to raise a kind kid. I am no different. While I am interested in what my children are learning academically, being the smartest child in the class is not a goal I have for my boys. They are both very bright, and don’t get me wrong, they will be pushed academically – I already have to hold back my tiger mom inner self – but it is far more important to me that my boys are known by their kindness than their achievements.

In order to show my kids that I value their kindness, I reprogrammed my daily after-school questioning. Now, instead of asking what they did at school or what they learned, I ask, “How were you kind today?” With one simple question even my little guys have shifted their perspective.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Aesop

While they are still young, their acts of kindness are usually something very simple such as sharing a toy, opening a door for someone or making a new friend. Holding my children accountable for kindness has my guys looking for new ways to be kind and in turn it is empowering them to make a difference in their world. Each day I look forward to picking them up after school as our kindness questions provides me a glimpse into the world through their eyes. I love that this simple shift allows me the opportunity to see the greatness within each of my boys come alive.

But my child is a middle school or high school student…

Who needs kindness encouraged more in their lives than teenagers? You can start this shift in questioning at anytime! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see your child’s heart for others.

Prepare yourself parents!

I strongly suggest all parents try this simple method. I do need to caution you though. Once you being asking your children of any age how they were kind, your kids will turn the question on you. Prepare yourself parents! Your children will also challenge you to be kind.

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