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Yoga for Military Spouses

Being a military spouse requires persevering through loneliness, enduring times of high stress, and having great patience. To be honest, these things don’t come naturally to most of us. That is why I am so thankful that Bernadette Soler reached out to our Military With Kids community with a free offer for her yoga e-book for military spouses!

Photo of Bernadette Soler

Bernadette Soler is a proud military spouse, 500-hr yoga teacher, yoga therapist-in-training, certified personal trainer, reiki master teacher, and owner of wellness lifestyle company and chic leggings line, Doll Yoga Wear, LLC. She has been teaching group yoga classes for over six years, and also specializes in developing unique yoga practices for individuals and special populations, including (but not limited to) military personnel and their families, corporate wellness settings, kids, and seniors. She brings the authentic and traditional teachings of yoga and applies them to your modern lifestyle in a simple and effective way. Bernadette has experienced the powerful life-changing effects of yoga, and is excited to help others move in the direction of their highest potential by way of these ancient teachings.

Yoga e-book for military spouses

We are so excited to share that Bernadette has created a yoga e-book for us, military spouses!  The yoga practices in her e-book, At Ease: Ancient Yoga Tools for Modern Military Spouses, are based on intentional themes like cultivating patience, combatting loneliness and managing stress – designed within the context of military lifestyle. She wants to put this free e-book in the hands of 100 military spouses this month!

When asked why Bernadette created a yoga book for military spouses she said, “It was an interesting experience, going through trainings, work-ups, a deployment, homecoming transitions, and a PCS simultaneously throughout my advanced yoga training with the American Viniyoga Institute. As the fluctuating pace of military family life continued, so did my self-study of layering on these traditional yoga tools. No matter what kind of day I was having, I was supported. The yoga became less about backbends and handstands, and more about cultivating patience, filling an inevitable void of loneliness, managing stress and staying grounded. I knew wholeheartedly it was my mission to give this back to my community in a unique way. If one military spouse gets through one challenging day through my yoga practices, I will feel I have done my job.”

What is included in the yoga e-book?

When asked the At Ease: Ancient Yoga Tools for Modern Military Spouses e-book contains, Bernadette tells us “The e-book is everything I wish I had when my husband joined the Marines! I include physical yoga practices (the asanas), and also breathing practices, mantras and affirmations, little gestures throughout each practice that tend to different themes we might encounter as a military family. It’s not vinyasa-style like many people are used to, it’s a lot more traditional way to practice. But it works and I’m the proof! I’m hoping that even if someone feels like they have no time to do a yoga practice, they can at least go in and peek at the mantra to carry with them throughout the day. I also want people to know that I’m walking with them – I’m just going first and holding the door! This is still stuff that I work on daily.’

Wait? Did you say FREE?

Yes! Bernadette understands the needs we face as military spouses and she wants to give the At Ease: Ancient Yoga Tools for Modern Military Spouses e-book to you free this month before she officially releases it to the public. Her goal is to help as many military families as she can through yoga. The intentional yoga practices really helped Bernadette through her husband’s deployment and their PCS and she has no doubt that the intentional yoga practices will resonate with military spouses like you!

As a companion to the e-book, Bernadette will be making a private Facebook community for anyone that has the book so that they can ask questions about the yoga stuff, meet other military families, and just generally cheer each other on and support each other. Can’t ask for a better encouragement group than fellow military spouses!

Want to learn more about the yoga e-book for military spouses? Watch the video on the Doll Yoga Wear Facebook page to hear Bernadette tell you more!

Ready to reserve your copy of the At Ease: Ancient Yoga Tools for Modern Military Spouses ebook?

Simply visit our Favorite Products page for a link to reserve your free download of Bernadette’s yoga e-book!

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