Simple DIY Farmhouse Chore Chart + Free Printable

Magnetic Chore Chart Two Kids

As kids get older, it’s important to let them take charge of a few things around the house. Even simple chores early on help kids learn responsibility and appreciate all they have.

While our kids have been doing chores, like feeding the dog or making their bed, since they were toddlers, it was time to have them remember to do their daily tasks without having to be reminded (or nagged tirelessly).

Chore charts can be a perfect way to help kids remember what their responsibilities are and help them stay on track while completing their list of chores.

I’ve come up with a super easy way to create a chore chart that goes any farmhouse style home décor. Joanna Gaines would be so proud! It just takes a few materials (I love a reason for to take a trip to Hobby Lobby) and can be completely customized to your family’s needs. Plus with this free printable you can easily print the chores for your chart on labels.

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* note: if you need more space than the Framed Wall Decor offers, another great option is Hobby Lobby’s Whitewash Framed Wood Wall Decor which is a little bit longer.

How to Make Your Chore Chart

Step 1: Plug in your hot glue gun while you gather your materials. Once your glue gun is heated, glue the ceramic magnets on to the wooden circles.

hobby lobby wooden chore chart

Step 2: The picture hanging hardware was on the short end of my Framed Wall Décor piece as it was designed to hang vertically. I wanted my chore chart to be horizontal so I took the opportunity to use a small screwdriver to unscrew the hardware and moved it to the other side.

farmhouse decor project

Step 3: Next I removed the twine from the galvanized metal sign. Then I used the hot glue gun to fasten the metal sign to the back of the Framed Wall Decor. Make sure the metal is on the side the magnets will be placed.

I added to circles of hot glue to the top corners of the metal backing so it would not scrape against the wall and scratch the paint.

diy job board tutorial

Step 4: Once the hot glue on the back had a moment to dry, I was able to flip over the frame and begin working on the front. Using a ruler and a pencil I created a dotted line horizontally to divide the board.

2 kids job chart magnetic

I placed the metal letters on the board to decide where to add the dotted vertical line with my ruler and pencil. Then I went over all the pencil dots with my sharpie and added the words “to do” and “done” to the quadrants.

Step 5: Then I used the hot glue gun to attach their metal letter initials to the framed wall décor.

Simple easy chore chart

Step 6: Finally I printed the chore labels and stuck each label to the wooden circle with magnet backing and I hung the chore chart on the wall over the boys’ backpack hooks. Tada! Its just that simple!

(If you are worry about little hands constantly touching the magnet labels, you can use mod podge to glaze the labels onto the wooden circles.)

Using the Chore Chart

Keeping a chore chart simple for the kids to use is important. Since my kids are emerging readers I also made sure to include an image to match the text.

In our home we use the chore chart not only to help keep the boys responsible for their chores, but also as a way to manage screen time. The boys are able to earn 5 minutes of iPad time for each of their daily chores they complete (so up to 20 minutes per day). This is easy and works great for our family.

However you decide to use it, what is most important is that you are consistent in your usage.

I hope you enjoy your chore chart!

Simple Easy Farmhouse Chore Chart DIY Tutorial

Easy DIY Farmhouse Chore Chart Tutorial with Free Printable

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