The Best Paw Patrol Accessories for Kids

The Best Paw Patrol Accessories for Kids is a guest post series from Kaylee at Mama and More. She writes all about how you can tackle DIY projects and organization with a family of mess-makers. Check out her free course about how to love your home today–even if you’re drowning in Paw Patrol toys. 😉 

Helloooooo friend! The last few days we have talked about the best paw patrol gifts, all the sets, the best affordable toys, and the best paw patrol gifts that aren’t toys.  Today is the last day I’m telling you about the million Paw Patrol products out there. The only things left are all the paw patrol accessories!

If your child is as obsessed with the pups as my daughter is, basically anything you give them with the picture of a Paw Patrol pup on it is THE MOST EXCITING THING THEY HAVE EVER SEEN!

And it comes in super handy for strong willed kids like mine 😉 Some days she will only put on her Paw Patrol socks… and potty training would never have even started if they didn’t make Paw Patrol underwear.  SERIOUSLY.  Braela also doesn’t care about coloring in regular coloring books… but Paw Patrol coloring books?  Those could keep her busy for an hour.

You’ll notice that many accessories items are labeled for boys or girls.  I can see why a boy wouldn’t want pink and purple things, but my daughter loves some of them more.


Wood Toddler Bed

Upholstered Chair

Chase Foam Chair


Collapsable Toy Storage Trunk

Deluxe Toy Box

Cubby storage unit

Art Easel Desk

Side table with storage

4 Piece Toddler Playroom Furniture Set

Table and Chairs


Girl’s Twin Bedding Set

Microfiber Twin Sheet Set

Super Soft Comforter & Sheet Set

Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Throw Blankets

Super Soft Plush Throw

Marshall, Chase and Rubble Blanket

Girl’s Pup Hero Throw

Marshall, Zuma, Chase, and Skye Team Blanket


Reversible Sequin Chase & Marshall Pillow

Ryder & Friends Pillowcase

Chase Pillow Pet

Rubble, Chase, & Marshall Pillow

Personalized Pillowcases
Okay, so this is awesome.  All the pillows in this category can be personalized for your child’s name!  I love this from an educational standpoint… Paw Patrol accessories are the perfect way to teach your preschooler the letters of their name!

Planet Paw Patrol Personalized Pillowcase

Ruff ruff rescue personalized pillowcase

White Paw Patrol Personalized Pillowcase

Pink Polka Dots Personalized Pillowcase

Pajama Party Personalized Pillowcase


Hooded Skye Towel Wrap

Paw Patrol Hooded Wrap

Seaside Fun Beach Towel


Paw Patrol 3-in-1 Potty System

Chase Potty Training and Transition Potty

Potty training reward kit – I made a Paw Patrol potty chart because it was the ONLY WAY to motivate Braela… I wish I would have known this existed then!

Team Skye Deluxe Potty Seat with Sound

Skye and Everest Soft Potty Seat

Rescue Pups Soft Potty Seat

Calling All Pups Soft Potty Seat

Paw Patrol Step Stool

Travel/Folding Potty Seat

Boy’s undies

Girls’ undies


Tidy Town Mat and Storage Box

Jumbo Mega Play Mat

Felt Mega Mat


Chase Food Jar

Chase Thermos

Skye Set – Cereal Bowl, spoon, tumbler

5 pc dinnerware set – Plate, bowl, tumbler, fork, and spoon

Divide Plate

Paw Patrol Ice Pops Truck Machine Kit – Make your own paw patrol ice pops with your favorite characters. Great for summertime fun!


Backpack & Lunch Box

Skye & Friends Backpack

Chase Plush Backpack

Marshall Plush Backpack

Carry on suitcase – Not a backpack, but such a cute idea if you’re going on a trip.

Lamps & Nightlights

Projector Nightlight – We have this light, and it’s what got us through her fear of the dark phase without being admitted to the mental hospital.

Cube Alarm Clock

Table Lamp

Pillow Pets Sleeptime Night Light


I’m not including clothing items, like t-shirts and dresses, because if I did that, this blog post would be a million pages long.  I’m just showing you some of the best things…

Skye Rainwear Set – Umbrella and jacket, plus rain boots like these Everest & Skye ones

Boy’s rain jacket

Ryder Jacket – This is just soo cute!

Skye Jacket

Everest Jacket

Chase Jacket

Hooded Marshall Sleeper

Girl’s Skye Hooded Jacket

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Paw patrol toys and gifts

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