How to Celebrate the Best Birthday with Mickey Mouse

Birthday celebration with Mickey Mouse photo by Brian McGowan

Celebrate with Mickey Mouse for the Best Birthday

Trying to decide a theme for your preschooler’s birthday party can be a challenge. Their interests are constantly changing. A great idea is to pick a classic theme they will love: Mickey Mouse! Choosing to celebrate with Mickey Mouse makes for one of the best birthdays!

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Hosting a Mickey Mouse Party

One of my favorite reasons for choosing a Mickey Mouse theme for a birthday celebration is because of the volume of choices that are available when it comes to party supplies. Having options means that you are able to plan the party in a budget-friendly way and can choose where to splurge.

While I received free products in order to host a #NowMoreThanEver Disney playdate party. The opinions and ideas expressed here for hosting the a Mickey Mouse party are my own.

First steps in planning your party

You have selected your theme, now its time to decide on the date, time and location of your party.

If you would like to keep it budget-friendly, I strongly suggest avoiding mealtimes. By doing this you ensure that you don’t have to host a meal for your guests. This simple consideration can drastically change your budget.

Additionally, when planning a low cost party, having an inexpensive or free location is key. Consider hosting the celebration at home to avoid an expense for the location.

Mickey Mouse party decorations

Invitations for your celebration

The theme, date, time, and location are set. Next on your party planning checklist is the invitations.

Getting the party invitations into the hands of other parents at the right time is key. Too early and they forget about the party. Too late and all of the guests may have a full calendar.  A good rule of thumb is 3-5 weeks in advance, with that month in advance being the sweet spot.  This gives parents enough time to check their calendars, make arrangements and respond by your RSVP deadline.

Include a time by which to RSVP on your child’s invitation as well as two forms of contact, such as a phone number and e-mail address. (You may have to reach out to the parent of the invited guest to get an RSVP after the deadline, so make sure you have contact information for each parent.)

One tip I strongly suggest is to purchase thank you cards paired with invitations. By doing this, you carry the theme all the way through the party while ensuring you help your thank friends and family for any gifts received.

Mickey Mouse Party Supplies

Once you have your guest headcount from RSVPs you should order your party supplies. I like to keep it simple and order a bundle that goes with the theme.

As a suggestion, I would be certain to buy a set that has more plates, cups and napkins than the number of anticipated guests. Oftentimes with kids more than one plate is needed or a cup is dropped. Sometimes you may even have an extra guest who was unaccounted for if a parent brings a sibling to the party.

For our recent budget-friendly Mickey Mouse party I anticipated 8 children. With this Mickey Mouse Party Supply bundle I have themed plates, napkins, cups, straws, birthday hats, a table cover, party loot bags, balloons, and assorted tattoos all for around $30. (If you don’t want hats and bags, there are many other options of dinnerware and decorations available!)

I tend to keep our parties to finger foods so I don’t have to plan for utensils with kids. If you decide to go with a traditional cake and ice cream at your party, you will need to add in forks and spoons to your supply list.  

Mickey Mouse birthday party supplies

Disney Party Games

Having a schedule of entertainment for the party can be a lifesaver! I like to plan a couple activities during our party. Keep it simple so you can enjoy the fun too!

A great energy burner for the preschool crowd is to have a dance party during your celebration. Apple Music has a great selection of Disney music favorites including soundtracks from the Disney theme parks. (New subscribers can try Apple Music free for 3 months!)

The Queen of Party Games website has some great ideas on games for a Mickey Mouse party. One of my favorite ideas is to have a Hot Dog Dance Off – the perfect way to celebrate with Mickey Mouse!

A classic preschool party game that is simple for your party guest is pin the tail on the donkey. Since we are throwing a Mickey Mouse themed version, we of course want to put a Disney twist on this classic game. Pin the nose on Mickey was an instant favorite, and easy on the budget!

If you’d like to splurge a bit on party games, a Mickey Mouse piñata full of prizes is always a hit!

Inexpensive Kid-Friendly Party Foods

Since we host our parties away from meal times, we save money by only having to provide snacks. Kid-friendly finger foods are so easy to arrange in a colorful display.

Our favorites for preschool parties include Goldfish crackers, bananas, apple sauce pouches, baby carrots, cheese sticks, pepperoni slices, juice boxes, and water bottles.

My boys always enjoy helping make a special treat for their parties. For a Mickey celebration, we love to make these simple Mickey Mouse Pretzel Treats from The Delightful Life. They are a preschool fan favorite!

Expert party tip: Make your hectic life easier by adding your kid-friendly party snacks to your Walmart Grocery Pick-Up list. Just click, order and stop by Wal-Mart where they will load the groceries into your car! (I love Wal-Mart Grocery Pick Up and still can’t believe they provide the service for free!) Party food couldn’t be any easier!

Mickey Mouse Cake

Every birthday party needs a cake! When you celebrate with Mickey Mouse, you have many options for cake designs. Most grocery bakeries have Mickey themed designs that you can select if you like a traditional birthday cake.

We don’t usually opt for a traditional cake for kid birthday parties, but instead go with something easier to hold that doesn’t require utensils.

One of the simplest, and most budget-friendly options, for a Mickey themed cake idea is to use cupcakes and add two candy melts for mouse ears. If you are utilizing Wal-Mart for your party groceries, you around $10 you can purchase 12 regular size cupcakes and a bag of black Wilton candy melts.

Mickey Popcorn Cake from Popped Passion

A unique option for a cake that I love is a Disney Inspired Popcorn Cake from Popped Passion. These cakes are amazing! Popped Passion cakes are made from freshly popped popcorn tossed in marshmallow filling. For the Disney Inspired Popcorn Cake, they tossed the popcorn and marshmallow filling with Disney themed colored candy and then topped with white drizzle and coordinated color sprinkles. In additional to being tasty, a Popped Passion cake can be the centerpiece on your table before you savory the flavor with friends and family!

Walt Disney World Trip Surprise

One of the great things about throwing a budget birthday party (especially, a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party) is that it frees up money for Disney birthday surprises!

Celebrating with a Mickey Party at home is a great lead up to celebrating with Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World!

Celebrate with Mickey Mouse by visiting Disney World
#NowMoreThanEver its a great time to visit Mickey
at Disney World

Mickey and Minnie’s Surprise Celebration at Magic Kingdom

Celebrating with Minnie and Mickey this year is extra special at Magic Kingdom. When you enter the Magic Kingdom Park, Mickey and Minnie are eager to greet guests together inside the Town Square Theater. They are wearing their all-new, colorful outfits ready to continue their special celebration with you!

You can take your celebration to the streets with your Disney friends in the new “Move It! Shake It! MousekeDance It! Street Party.”

After all that dancing, it’s the perfect time to find one of the new specialty beverages or enjoy a break from the sun as you check out the new merchandise in shops throughout the Magic Kingdom.  

Party with Pixar Pals at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

If your child is a fan of The Incredibles, Monsters, Inc., Toy Story or Disney Junior your family will want to continue your celebration at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

You can show off your inner superhero on Pixar Avenue with the Incredibles and their super friend Frozone. Its the perfect place to dance, play games and enjoy all the “super” fun. While here you even have the chance to meet Edna Mode – the designer of your favorite Super’s super-suits.

Recently boys were beyond excited find a door open to the monster world inside the Walt Disney Presents attraction. You too can go through this door to meet Mike and Sulley from Monster’s Inc.

Another exciting addition to Disney’s Hollywood Studios this year is the high-energy live show “Disney Junior Dance Party!”  This new show features characters from Disney Junior television series, including Vampirina, Doc McStuffins and many more. If your kids are like ours, they will hardly be able to contain themselves! When the music begins your kids will be up on their feet dancing at this preschool favorite show. (Great news for parents – your kids will burn energy at this show but you can enjoy a break, sitting on the floor in the air conditioning!)

No celebration is complete without a toy! Venturing into the new Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you family will immediately feel like an honorary toy. Based on the beloved Pixar Toy Story films, the playful land features two new attractions – Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers – as well as fan-favorite Toy Story Mania!

“Hakuna Matata Time Dance Party” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Do you need a problem-free philosophy in life? Would you like no worries for the rest of your days? You should definitely check out the “Hakuna Matata Time Dance Party!” Join your friend Timon from Disney’s The Lion King as you talk a walk on the wild side. 

The “Hakuna Matata Time Dance Party” happens every day on Discovery Island at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Celebrate by allowing your inner animal roam free on the dance floor while a World Beat style street band plays a fiery soundtrack.

Choosing to celebrate with Mickey Mouse makes a great memory!

Whether you celebrate at home with a Mickey themed birthday party or you visit Walt Disney World to celebrate with Mickey Mouse in person, your child’s birthday will be memorable experience.

While you are busy making it a great time for your child, make sure to be a part of the fun yourself! Nothing makes a better memory than sharing time with the people you love.

How to Celebrate the Best Birthday with Mickey Mouse #NowMoreThanEver

Celebrating with Mickey Mouse makes for the best birthday!

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