Save money at Disney World by packing these 8 things

Money Saving tips for Disney World

8 Things Not To Buy At Disney World to Save You Money

A trip to Disney World is often a once in a lifetime experience for many families. Thankfully there are discounts available to military families for accommodations and tickets. Another great way to save money at Disney is to plan ahead to reduce your spending within the parks.

Making smart purchases ahead of time can save you from spur of the moment expenses at Disney World. Saving money on the little things you can buy before you leave home can make your trip to Disney World even more magical!

1. Rain Ponchos

When people think of Florida, sunshine immediately comes to mind. While we do have nearly 300 days of sunshine ever year, Florida is also frequented by afternoon rain. You can go from sunshine to storm in a matter of minutes. Being prepared for rain, even if it is not in the forecast, is vital to your Disney fun.

We frequent Disney, which means that we frequently get caught in the rain at Disney. The appearance of the first grey cloud creates a chain reaction in the shops at Disney World. You suddenly find ponchos available starting at $9 and some even close to $50! If you are visiting on your own you may be able to rationalize $9 to keep your day magical, but when you are buying for your whole family, that expense really starts to add up.

Save money at Disney in the rain

Rain ponchos for the entire family can be bought very cheaply online and then carried in a backpack, or even in the pocket of each family member. 

Also, if your stroller has a rain cover, make sure you throw that in the bag too. We definitely had to use ours when our kids were little!

Stroller Rain Cover makes Disney World fun in the rain

2. Light Up Spinner Wand

If you are in the parks as the sun starts to set you will notice a quick change in all the kiosks. Suddenly there are Disney merchants every 40 feet selling things that light up.

Your child will feel they absolutely need this in their life.

You will say no and an exhausted child will let all their emotions hang out. (This exact scenario is played out across all 4 parks every day – just watch!)

After a long day, your defenses are likely worn down and you may be tempted to buy a light up toy. Save your money and your sanity by bringing your own push button light up toy that cost less than $5. These spinner wands have been a lifesaver for us on several occasions! They are even fun during the daylight hours when waiting in line.

3. Water Bottle

Most trips to Walt Disney World include a tremendous amount of walking and a large amount of time spent outdoors in the heat. Staying hydrated at Disney is very important. There are water fountains as you walk through the parks where you can refill water bottles.

Additionally, all of the quick service restaurants throughout Disney World will give you cups of water for free.  This is perfect for adults, but for kids who don’t do well with cups without a lid, it is easier to carry a refillable water bottle with you to dump the icy cold water into.

Brining your own refillable Disney character water bottle to the park is a perfect way to ensure your kids stay hydrated during your Disney trip.

4. Personal Fan

Thinking of heat, not much can ruin a vacation like being overheated! Having your own personal fan can make Disney so much more pleasant. Disney is happy to sell you a misting fan for $22. They are displayed on ice and look like the ultimate form of comfort when you are drenched in sweat.

Disney World is hot! Save money by brining a fan

Come prepared and save some serious money! One of my favorites is to have a wearable mister that is easy to carry and more convenient to stow on rides.

Or if you don’t want the spray of a misting fan, consider a wearable fan. I was impressed how much cooler I felt with this little fan blowing a breeze on my neck and face. (We keep these in our hurricane kit when not using them at Disney!)

Battery-free cooling:

Another cooling option we keep handy is a cooling sports towel. Simply wet, wring out, and snap the towel for the chilling effect to take place. It will keep you cool for a couple hours and then you can just repeat the process. No batteries needed! These started popping up at Disney World over the past year and are nearly $25. You can get them for a fraction of the price (without Mickey on them) on Amazon before your trip!

5. Bubble Wand

Walking through the Disney theme parks for the first time you quickly notice all the bubbles floating through the air as you walk near vendors or as a stroller wheels along. Bubbles are an amazing way to pass the time in line for little ones. (They are even fun for us adults who are young at heart!)

Disney is clearly aware of the joy that bubbles bring and they will gladly sell you a joyful bubble wand for $30 or more. Save nearly half off that price by buying a bubble wand (or a princess bubble wand) ahead of time.

Or you can work on fine motor skills while waiting in line and opt for Fubbles!

Bubble wands at Disney World

6. Disney Princess Dress

As someone who loves princesses, the idea of the Bippity Boppity Boutique that makes over your child into the Disney princess of her choosing would have been a childhood dream for me. The pricing on the other hand would have kept that dream out of reach!

If your little girl is a princess as well, consider having a dress in your suitcase. You can then bypass the boutique complete (and maybe just purchase a tiara at one of the shops during your visit) or you can book the most cost-efficient princess makeover package – currently $64.95 plus tax – which includes hairstyle, makeup, face gem, nail polish, princess sash, and cinch sack.

If you have a son who loves knights or pirates, there are dress up options for them as well at the Bippity Boppity Boutique or the pirates league! Make sure to book any makeovers early online because the limited spaces fill quickly!

7. Phone Battery Charger

One of the best ways to make the most of your time at Disney is to utilize the My Disney Experience app for fast passes, restaurant reservations, and to see wait times throughout the parks.

It is a great tool, but it definitely drains your phone battery. (Or maybe that’s all the photos you are taking!) A portable charger for my phone has been a lifesaver for us in the parks.

8. Snacks

If you are travelling to Disney with kids, snacks are a must! Disney World allows you to bring in food and non-alcoholic beverages in a soft-sided cooler or backpack. Having snacks while waiting in line can be a huge mood booster.

Plus, it saves you a bundle to bring your own!

Smart planning helps save money at Disney

Making smart purchases ahead of time can save you from spur of the moment expenses at Disney World. Saving money on the little things you can buy before you leave home can make your trip to Disney World even more magical!

Spend less on your next Disney World Vacation

Save money at Disney! Buy these 8 items before you go!

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