52 Disney+ Movie Wine Pairings

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Wine Pairings for your Disney+ Movie Night

Whether you are a mom who is surviving a long day of parenting or a couple looking for a date night at home with some classic Disney movies, a glass of wine is a great addition to movie night. We take the guess work out of which wine and movie to choose with our list of Disney+ Movie Wine pairings.

This collection of 52 Disney Movie wine pairings began as a plan for weekly movie nights, but you may find your current situation is leading to a surplus of movie nights in a row. No matter if its deployment survival or coronavirus quarantine, this list was designed with you in mind!

The best part of our Disney+ movie wine-pairing list is that none of these wines will break the bank – they are all under $20 per bottle!

Disney Princess Movies White Wine pairs

Disney Movie White Wine Pairings

1. Finding Nemo & Miles From Nowhere Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

An adventure that takes our fish friends from the Great Barrier Reef to Sydney (a distance of around 1,500 miles) demands an Australian wine. We’ve found the perfect pairing in Mile From Nowhere Sauvignon Blanc Semillon. While it pairs well with pasta and seafood, you may want to remember that “Fish are friends, not food” while you watch Finding Nemo!

2. Beauty and the Beast & Belle Ambiance Pinot Grigio

Did you know that no one ever calls the beast by a name other than “Beast” or “Master” the entire movie?  So what do you think Belle called him once he was a human? Ponder that as you enjoy Beauty and the Beast with a glass of Belle Ambiance Pinot Grigio.

3. Cinderella & Once Upon A Vine Lost Slipper Sauvignon Blanc

If you feel your days are spent constantly picking up after others in your family, it might be time to bring hope to your weary soul with the story of Cinderella. Kick your feet up and find love at first sip with Once Upon A Vine’s Lost Slipper Sauvignon Blanc that is as smooth and delicate as a glass slipper.

4. Tangled & Horton Tower Series Peach

You’ve got to love a movie that remind us through a musical interlude at a bar full of rapscallions, that everyone has a dream! Cheer for Rapunzel’s bold escape from her tower with a glass of Horton’s Tower Series Peach.

5. Frozen & Relax Riesling

At the end of a long day, you need to take some time to just “Let It Go!” Whether you are watching Frozen or Frozen 2 you can’t go wrong with the refreshing, crisp Relax Riesling.

6. Alice in Wonderland & Dreaming Tree Chardonnay

Alice in Wonderland is one of those movies that make us all feel like our crazy nonsensical dreams might not be too outlandish. (As a tired mom, a nap in the warm sunshine under a tree sounds great right about now though!) 

7. Big Hero 6 & Hoshi Sake

Big Hero 6 takes place in the fictional city of San Fransokyo (clearly a mash-up of San Francisco, CA and Tokyo, Japan), so it seemed absolutely necessary to pair this awesome Disney animated movie with a sake made in California! While we know that sake isn’t really a white wine, we are making an exception to include it in our list because clearly the perfect pairing for Big Hero 6 is found in Hoshi Sake!

8. Fantasia & Three Brooms Sauvignon Blanc

After a long day of nonstop questioning from kids, having a movie with minimal talking might be music to your ears. And who doesn’t dream of a home that cleans itself? In honor of Mickey’s magical number, delight in working your way to the bottom of a glass of Three Brooms Sauvignon Blanc.

9. Inside Out & Blue Valley Memories White Blend

Inside Out is a movie that reminds me to celebrate the small things and that to move forward we have to remember where we’ve come from.

10. Moana & Maui Splash Passionfruit Wine

Uncork a bottle of Maui Splash Passionfruit Wine and be whisked away to a tropical island paradise as Moana sets out on a journey to save her people.

11. Mulan & Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling

There couldn’t possibly be a better wine pairing for this fiercely brave girl who volunteers to go to war in her father’s place! Celebrate Mulan’s girl power with Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling

12. The Nightmare Before Christmas & WineHaven Pumpkin

Is it a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? Perhaps it is a November movie – perfect for transitioning the Halloween decor into Christmas decorations. No matter when you watch, lift your glass of WineHave Pumpkin Fruit Blends Wine as we all hail the Pumpkin King!

13. Robin Hood & The Heart Chardonnay

Stealing from the rich to give it to the poor seems like a questionable lesson, but who doesn’t love a guy who justifies sticking it to the man? Celebrate Robin Hood’s heart of gold with Il Cuore’s The Heart Chardonnay.

14. Sleeping Beauty & The Girl & The Dragon Pinot Grigio White Wine

On your next Target run, pick up a bottle of The Girl & The Dragon pinot grigio to go with your Sleeping Beauty (or Maleficent) movie night.

15. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs & Once Upon A Vine The Fairest Chardonnay

If Snow White has you searching for the fairest wine of all, look no further than Once Upon A Vine’s The Fairest Chardonnay. 

16. Toy Story & Mommy’s Time Out Pinot Grigio

While not necessarily intending to be a villain, Andy’s mom’s actions certainly wreak havoc on Andy’s toys in Toy Story 1, 2 and 3. From creating the initial drama by gifting Buzz to Andy in Toy Story 1 and then crushing an army man by stepping on him, to Toy Story 2 where she holds a yard sale where Woody is taken by shady Big Al McWhiggin, to Toy Story 3 where she takes the wrong bag of discarded toys to the Sunnyside Day Care. It is clear that without meaning to be, Andy’s mom is a threat to toys and really needs a break! 

Let’s raise a glass of Mommy’s Time Out Pinot Grigio to Andy’s mom as we all now experience the intense difficulty of purging toys your kids have outgrown after seeing the Toy Story movies.

17. Wall-E & Wine Cube Sauvignon Blanc White Wine

Yes, I am boldly including box wine on this pairings list. What could be better for the robot that makes trash into cubes? Pick up your Wine Cube Sauvignon Blanc White Wine at Target. You may be surprised how good it is!

18. Wreck It Ralph & Seagrams Wine Coolers

This movie is rocking the nostalgia. Nothing pairs better with the arcade sounds of your childhood than Seagrams wine coolers.

19. Chicken Little & Skyfall Vineyards Pinot Gris

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! In a time of panic its good to have a movie remind us that there are others – who may have been previously discounted – working behind the scenes to save us all. Let’s celebrate those heroes with a glass of Skyfall Vineyards Pinot Gris!

20. Lilo and Stich & Maui Blanc Pineapple Wine

Can’t escape to the Hawaiian islands right now? No worries! Bring the islands to your movie night by pairing Lilo and Stich with Maui Blanc Pineapple Wine.

21. Pocahontas & Williamsburg Governors White

This Virginia wine may represent the villain, but it is a perfect match for the love story that is Pocahontas. Enjoy sipping on a glass of Williamsburg Governors White as you paint with all the colors of the wind.

22. The Aristocats & Hazlitt Sweet White Cat

Pop open a bottle of Hazlitt’s Sweet White Cat wine in honor of the heiress, Duchess, who finds love in an unexpected place.

23. Bolt & Double Dog Dare Chardonnay

Sometimes you need a hero like Bolt to remind you the impossible can become possible. Kick up your feet with a glass of Double Dog Dare Chardonnay and find your courage within.

Disney Movie Wine Pairing Sparking Wine

Disney Movie Sparkling Wine Pairings

24. Up & House Wine Rose Bubbles

This movie magnificently crams all of the heartache of The Notebook in the first 5 minutes. If you find yourself bawling into your glass of House Wine Rose Bubbles by the time the balloons take flight, we completely understand!

25. The Emporer’s New Groove & Intipalka Extra Brut

Sometimes you just need to celebrate yourself. Let’s face it – you’re awesome! Grab some Intipalka Extra Brut champagne and raise a glass to just how impressively you master that daily groove.

26. James and the Giant Peach & Andre Peach Moscato

While I can’t quite imagine living inside of a giant peach, Andre’s Peach Moscato is a perfect match for an adventure with James and his giant insect friends.

Disney Movie Red Wine Pairings

Disney Movie Red Wine Pairings

27. Ratatouille & Chateau Robin des Moines St Emilion

The easiest pairing for Ratatouille would be to match it to a ’47 Cheval Blanc like Anton Ego orders when he visits Gusteau’s. Only downfall is the cost. A three-litre bottle of this wine was bough at Vinfolio in San Francisco in 2006, a year prior to the release of Ratatouille, and it sold for $135,125.

So instead, keeping true to our wine pairings of bottles under $20 rule, we bring you a cheap knock off, Chateau Robin des Moines St Emilion. While it contains many of the same flavors, likely tastes nothing like what Anton ordered, but at 0.01% of the price, we’ll take it!

28. The Good Dinosaur & Primal Roots Red Blend

Get back to your primal roots with this prehistoric wine pairing! Pick it up on your next Target run.

29. 101 Dalmatians & Rascal Pinot Noir

“Pongo, you old rascal!” Everyone should have a favorite Dalmatian. While each of the puppies is cute, there’s a soft spot for the puppy parents, Pongo and Perdita, who rescue not only their 15 puppies but also the 84 puppies Cruella DeVil has purchased from pet shops. If you are a lover of Pongo, then Rascal Pinot Noir is for you!  

30. Aladdin & Three Wishes Merlot

Three Wishes Merlot is a perfect match for Aladdin. What would you wish for if a genie suddenly appeared? Whether you watch the animated version or the newer live-action film, take a chance and rub your bottle of Three Wishes Merlot to see if a genie is trapped inside.

31. Bambi & The Stag Cabernet

Bambi is definitely a Disney classic animated movie, but not usually on the top of our list for family movie night. I’m pretty sure if the kids start requesting it, I will be reaching for a glass of The Stag Cabernet to cry into!

32. Coco & La Catrina Cabernet Sauvignon

If you’ve yet to see Coco, add this one to the top of your upcoming movie night list! While this movie really pairs best with a margarita or sangria this is a wine pairing list. So throw together some nachos with your La Catrina Cabernet Sauvignon and you will be set for an adventure into the importance of family – even after life!

33. Dumbo & Michael David Freakshow Petite Petit

Celebrate the circus that is life with Dumbo and Michael David’s Freakshow Petite Petit. (See if this one is available at your local Target!)

34. Hercules & Hermes Greek Red

Need a boost in your week? Enjoy some Greek grapes with Hermes Greek Red wine as you watch Hercules go from zero to hero!

35. The Incredibles & 2017 Iconic Side Kick Cabernet

Every great superhero needs a solid sidekick! Pour yourself a glass of 2017 Iconic SideKick Cabernet as you enjoy an incredible movie night!

36. The Jungle Book & Sula Shiraz

This Indian wine brings you all the flavors of the jungle with flavors of ripe cherry and plum fruit with peppery notes and structure.

37. The Lion King & Graham Beck Shiraz The Game Reserve Wine

Only a wine from the African continent would be suitable match for the Lion King! As you watch the Lion King, look for the eland (antelopes) from the front of the bottle of The Game Reserve Shiraz within the movie.

38. The Little Mermaid & Ariel Cabernet

“The human world, it’s a mess.” Never have truer words been spoken by a crab. Watch the mess unfold for your favorite mermaid with a glass of Ariel Cabernet.

39. Monsters, Inc & Mt. Monster Cabernet

Don’t get flagged by the CDA for a code 2319 by trying to do laundry during Monsters, Inc! Pour a glass of Mt. Monster Cabernet, put your feet up and relax while the monsters do the work.

40. Pete’s Dragon & San Sebastian Lighthouse Red Blend

In honor of the original Pete’s Dragon movie we pair a candle on the water San Sebastian Lighthouse Red Blend Red Wine with this loveable dragon. While the lighthouse is missing from the 2016 remake, the semi-sweet flavors of this wine pair well with the amazing musical score in the new film.

41. Peter Pan & Wines for Celebration Cabernet Sauvignon Happy!

“All you need is a little faith, trust and pixie dust!” You’ll be think happy thoughts when you pair Wines for Celebrations’ Happy Cabernet Sauvignon with a Peter Pan movie night!

42. Pinocchio & HandCraft Malbec

You have to wonder if Gepetto had any idea what he was getting himself into when he handcrafted Pinocchio.

43. Princess and the Frog & Kuleto Red Blend Frog Prince

From beignets to voodoo this movie is full of New Orleans charm and curiosity. A perfect match for our hard working, restaurateur heroine is her frog prince.  Find your perfect match with Kuleto’s Frog Prince Red.

44. Cars & Martin’s Pick Up Cabernet

You can’t go wrong with a Cars movie night! Order a pizza and rest your wheels as you sip on a glass of Martin’s Pick Up Cabernet.

45. Tarzan & Graham Beck The Game Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

While Sabor, the leopard who kills Tarzan’s parents, is one of the only major animals in the movie who does not speak, she is vital in setting the story in motion. Therefore, perfect pairing for the Tarzan story is The Game Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon sporting the leopard on the label.

46. The Sword and the Stone & King’s Pass Cabernet Sauvignon

At the end of this movie when Merlin returns from a future visit to Bermuda and complains of the mess of the 20th century, it makes you wonder how he’d feel about 2020! Anyway, enjoy Arthur’s journey to kinghood with a glass of King’s Pass Cabernet Sauvignon.

47. Mary Poppins & Little Penguin Cabernet Sauvignon

I love Mary Poppins, but I totally understand why author P.L. Travers protested the animated portions in the movie as it feels like maybe you’ve been drinking too much and are seeing things. In honor of P.L’s frustration and Disney dedication to his inclusion of animation in the film, we pair Little Penguin Cabernet Sauvignon with the classic Mary Poppins.

48. Brave & Toasted Head Cabernet

Be whisked away to the Scottish highlands alongside Merida while you enjoy the savory, toasted oak tone of Toasted Head Cabernet. Just beware of the huge, demon bear, Mor’du!

49. The Hunchback of Notre Dame & Bell Cellars The Scoundrel California Red Blend

I can honestly say I didn’t remember how dark this movie was until I was watching it as an adult with my kids, but in the end good wins, so cheer for the underdog in Quasimodo as you sip on Bell Cellars The Scoundrel California Red Blend.

50. Lady & the Tramp & Love Noir Pinot Noir

Love is in the air with a Lady and the Tramp movie night. Pair this classic movie (animated or 2019 live action retelling) with a glass of Love Noir Pinot Noir and perhaps a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

51. Meet the Robinsons & Educated Guess Cabernet Sauvignon

The perfect movie after a long week of confusion and exhaustion that reminds us we don’t have to know all the answers, we just need to keep moving forward. Pairs perfectly with an Educated Guess Cabernet Sauvignon

52. Recess: School’s Out & Barefoot Refresh Summer Red Spritzer

When school is out, its time to celebrate for the kids, and for mom to find the wine spritzers! Your kids will enjoy T.J and his friends saving summer vacation while the grown ups delight in the flavors of summer fruits with Barefoot’s Refresh Summer Red Spritzer.

Wine glasses for the Disney fan

If you are a truly dedicated Disney fan while also being a wine lover, you may want to check out some of these wonderful finds on Etsy to combine your passions!

Finding the Perfect Match

There you have it – 52 Disney movies wine pairings perfectly selected for your next movie night!

Disney Movie Wine Pairings for your next Disney+ Movie Night

Now the hard part: do you use the list to find a movie based on the wine or a wine chosen for the movie? Either way, you can’t go wrong pairing a classic Disney movie with a great glass of wine. Enjoy your movie night!

52 Wine Pairings for your Disney+ Movie Night

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