Simple Playhouse Makeover Project DIY Tutorial

spray paint for plastic playhouse makeover

Have you ever turned on HGTV and been sucked in? Like you start watching the fixer upper home renovation show featuring a rundown home that is being remodeled and suddenly it is three hours later.

There is something magical about a makeover.

Whether you are doing a home renovation or a playhouse makeover, seeing the potential in something that is neglected is a gift. Knowing how to make it look amazing, while on a budget is truly a skill.

Playhouse Makeover Know How

Whether you are rejuvenating an older plastic playhouse that has seen too many days in the sun or you want to make your child’s new playhouse match the look of your home, a playhouse makeover is what you need. 

The good news is with just some paint, accessories and a little bit of time, you can give your playhouse a makeover and make it look brand new!

An amazing DIY Mom and playhouse makeover expert, Christina Palmer, shares her experience rejuvenating an old plastic playhouse for her daughter on her Instagram page. She lays out the materials and process for us, so we can easily follow along for our own playhouse project.

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Materials for your Playhouse Makeover

spray paint for plastic playhouse makeover

That’s So Cute. How Long Did It Take?

Like all moms, Christina squeezes in projects when her daughter is asleep. To knock out this playhouse makeover, Christina would complete one side of the playhouse per day during naps and then let it dry.

The next day, Christina would work on the other side.

The playhouse painting project lasted 5 days because of all the drying time, but only took about 6 to 7 hours total of work.

Decorating Your Plastic Playhouse

I love the colors Christina chose for her daughter’s playhouse. The fresh coats of paint really cleaned it up. Some simple accessories like a welcome mat, planter box, and hanging flowers make this house feel like a home.

Now her plastic playhouse is a canvas to decorate for every season!

Definitely follow Christina on Instagram @mrs__palmer to see how she changes the playhouse each holiday. You’ll also want to check out her other incredible DIY projects. (Seriously – her Starbuck’s play kitchen makeover is beyond cute!)

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