24 Christmas Activities for a Warm Weather or Beach Holiday

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Finding the Christmas Spirit through Warm Winter Activities

Imagine a Christmas where the sun-kissed sands replace the snowy landscapes, and the salty breeze carries the scent of the sea instead of pine. Celebrating Christmas at the beach is a tropical twist to the traditional holiday festivities where the beach transforms into a winter wonderland of a different kind. Picture palm trees adorned with festive lights. The rhythmic sound of the ocean waves becomes a sound of natural Christmas carols, and the sandy shore transform into a canvas for elaborate sandcastles decked with seashell ornaments. Families trade in their winter coats for flip-flops, gathering for beachside barbecues and festive picnics. As the sun dips below the horizon, it paints a spectacular Christmas sunset, casting warm hues across the ocean. Whether it’s a beach bonfire, a game of beach volleyball with Santa hats, or simply strolling along the water’s edge under a sky filled with stars, celebrating the holiday season with Christmas activities at the beach adds a touch of coastal enchantment to the season, creating memories as unique as seashells in the sand.

The beach holds a special place in my parents’ hearts, and it’s not a love of summer vacation at the oceanside. Surprisingly, some of our fondest fall and winter memories have unfolded along the sandy shores. While it might seem unconventional to choose the beach over snowy landscapes during the holiday season, I quickly discovered the magic of celebrating Christmas with the sea as our backdrop. From festive holiday activities to finding creative ways to infuse the beach with Christmas cheer, I learned that warmth and sunshine can make the holidays just as magical, even when the snow is replaced by sand.

As a Navy family, our duty stations have frequently placed us in areas of sunshine and sand at Christmas, rather than those of snow. While wearing shorts and flip-flops might initially feel unconventional for the holiday season, fear not! Embracing the warm weather doesn’t mean sacrificing Christmas cheer. Dive into the holiday spirit and maintain that winter tan with your family by exploring this list of warm weather Christmas activities.

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Warm Weather Christmas Activities for Your Family!

If you discover yourself fortunate enough to embrace the Christmas holiday in the warm climate this year, you’re in for a treat! Our curated list of activities is designed to infuse your sunny celebration with the enchanting spirit of the holidays. With our list in hand, you’ll discover that celebrating the Christmas season in the sun offers a delightful blend of tradition and tropical flair, ensuring your holiday is filled with sun-soaked joy and memories that shimmer like seashells in the sand.

  1. Who needs snow? The beach is the perfect place to make sand angels!   
  2. Mix your holiday fun mixed with friendly competition as you play miniature golf wearing Christmas hats. 
  3. Take a walk (or ride) after dark to see beautiful light displays. Whether you visit your beach town’s main street or just stay in your own neighborhood, festive lights are sure to get you in the holiday spirit. 
  4. One of our annual events at home is to make a snowman ice cream sundaes. The kids and adults are sure to love this cold holiday tradition! (Visit Clean & Scentsible for inspiration and directions)
  5. Put on some holiday music and blow red and green bubbles outside. (There are many DIY colored bubble recipes, but the one we’ve tested and enjoyed is from Mama Plus One). 
  6. Spread out blankets in the yard and do some star-gazing. Try to find the North Star! This activity pairs well with hot chocolate and a Christmas story
  7. Go on a festive adventure that combines holiday cheer with a playful twist by taking a leisurely stroll adorned in Santa hats and armed with squirt guns. Picture the scene: the jingling of bells on your Santa hat harmonizing with the laughter echoing through the air as you and your companions amble along the sidewalks. With squirt guns in hand, every step becomes a chance for spontaneous water battles, turning a simple stroll into a lighthearted and joy-filled escapade. This unconventional and spirited stroll with Santa hats and squirt guns is sure to infuse your holiday season with unforgettable moments of laughter, spontaneity, and the pure joy of celebration.
  8. Transform this Christmas into a marshmallow-roasting extravaganza over the crackling warmth of an outdoor bonfire. Gather around the flickering flames with family and friends, toasting marshmallows to golden perfection. Even while wearing shorts and flip-flops, roasting marshmallows becomes a cherished holiday tradition, adding a touch of magic to your Christmas celebrations.
Snowman Mini Golf at Disney
  1. Get the entire family involved in a mega snow battle in the front yard (using shaving cream as your snow). Warning: your neighbors may see the fun you are having and want to join in! 
  2. Collect shells to make a festive Christmas ornament for your Christmas tree. (We collected small shells and placed them inside our fillable ball ornaments with a tiny bit of sand and a dash of glitter. Simply glue the top on and use a piece of ribbon to hang them for an easy holiday ornament.)
  3. Have a red and green themed BBQ. (Get your grill master a festive Christmas BBQ shirt!)
  4. Decorate a yard flamingo in festive Christmas paint. (We ordered small flamingos to decorate from Oriental Trading)
  5. Create Santa’s beach cottage using graham crackers, icing, and candy.
  6. Go for a “moon walk” in your jammies and flip-flops. Enjoy the lights of your neighbors’ Christmas trees shining through the windows.  
  7. Attend a local Christmas parade or lighted holiday boat parade. A Christmas flotilla was new to us when we first were stationed at a beach location, but it quickly became on of our favorite holiday events. 
  8. Take a family bike ride (or wagon ride) with Santa hats on.
  9. Build a “Santa’s workshop” sand castle. Grab buckets and shovels and let your imagination run wild as you sculpt a festive sand castle that captures the spirit of the season. 
Kids christmas activities warm weather
  1. Use shaving cream to make Santa beards and then run through the sprinklers.
  2. Make candy cane peppermint milkshakes. Looking for a great recipe? (Try this one by Laura Fuentes.)
  3. Embrace the festive enchantment of the season by breaking the bedtime rules and indulging in a magical adventure of going swimming after dark. 
  4. Bake Christmas cookies. While they cook, throw a ball in the yard with your family.
  5. Transform your driveway into a whimsical runway for Santa’s sleigh by channeling your inner artist with vibrant sidewalk chalk. Enlist the entire family in this creative endeavor, and watch as your driveway becomes a festive masterpiece, ensuring Santa’s reindeer have a dazzling path to follow. 
  6. Drive through a lighted Christmas display with your windows down and singing joyfully.
  7. Read your favorite Christmas story under the stars on Christmas Eve. This is one of our family’s favorite holiday traditions! 

In warm weather climates, Christmas takes on a vibrant and warm-hearted spirit, with traditions uniquely tailored to the sunny weather. Instead of snowball fights, families might engage in spirited water balloon battles or build sand snowmen on the beach. The jingle of Christmas carols mingles with the sounds of laughter as communities host festive picnics with live music in lush parks or beneath the shade of palm trees. Glittering lights adorn palm fronds and cacti, transforming neighborhoods into dazzling displays of holiday cheer. Ice-cold beverages often replace hot cocoa, and barbecue grills sizzle with seasonal delights. Santa Claus, sporting his tropical attire in the local Christmas parade, might arrive on a surfboard rather than a sleigh, creating a whimsical and unforgettable sight. Whether it’s a beachside bonfire, a refreshing swim, wearing shorts to holiday markets or a lively outdoor dance party, Christmas in warm climates offers a unique blend of traditional Christmas events and sun-soaked celebrations that truly capture the essence of a joyous holiday season.

Make Holiday Memories at Your Warm Duty Station Using These Christmas Activities!

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